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The Best Scariest Movies Ever

Scary movies have gained quite a lot of audiences in recent times because of their ability to entertain as well as keep the viewers hooked to their screens. Here we have compiled a list of all the best horror movies ever. This list will give you a clear view of the horror movies that you have watched and also the horror movies that you have missed.

This horror movie was released in the year 2003. It has been directed by the great Danny Boyle and it is both a sharp political allegory as well as a very terrifying zombie movie. It stars Cillian Murphy, Brendan Glesson, Megan Burns and Naomie Harris.

This is a very classic and a low budget scary movie that combines the right amount of black humor and gore. This has enabled to give its viewers an equal amount of thrills as well as laughs. It has actors like Bruce Campbell, Hal Delrich, Betsy Baker and Ellen Sandweiss. The director of this great horror movie is Sam Raimi and he has surely done a great job in the 80s. It is one of the notable points.

Have You Ever Been Haunted By Supernatural Presence In Your Home?

As a horror movies lover, you must be familiar with Paranormal Activity. This movie comes with the series that are written by Oren Peli. If you are into the supernatural thingy, you will be amazed by how Peli directed this movie, there are so many differences between Paranormal Activity with the other horror movies, and yes the found footage style comes as one of the ways that is presented here. This movie tells about a young couple who just moved to a new home, they are Katie and Micah, which are haunted by ghost (or whatever you call it) in their home. It is kind of fresh since you will feel like you are the one who are haunted by “them” and the camera that the couple use manages to capture some strange things in their home. I am pretty sure there will be a moment when you want to do the same thing in your home.

Through this movie, you will know that the evil presence is actually there though some believe that they are not sure enough about it. Since Katie was child, she has been haunted by “their” presence which is why she and Micah end up set up the camera to make sure that it is real. There are some weird and scared things recorded such as strange noises and also the doors suddenly moving on their own which are the sign of the presence.

If you just managed to collect the horror movies then you cannot miss this one on your list. You will get to know how the couple discovers the activities of evils in their home. Are you curious about the ending of this movie? If so, it is a must to spare your free time to watch it, even though this movie was released like 9 years ago, it was in 2007 to be exact; it is not too late to give it a try.

How Is The Ending Of The Ring?

What is the first thing on your mind when you hear The Ring? Is it the scariest film that you have ever watched? The film that is directed by Gore Verbinski received positive reviews compared to the other supernatural psychological horror films. The Ring comes with the highest rating as the most watched film in the film industry back then in 2002. Are you curious about this film? Well, lets we begin the short story that will make you scared to death or you probably interested in watching it.

The story begins when a journalist named Rachel tried to investigate a video recording in a cassette where it claimed as the source of the death for whoever watches it within a week. She started to discover the biggest mystery that involved a mysterious family. Later, she needs to deal with it and the real story begins when she has to save her child as well as herself. So, how is the ending? Find it out by watching the film!

The Scariest Film, The Conjuring

Imagine if you are the one who lives in a home in the film The Conjuring, would you manage to survive? Well, it is the first question comes to your mind when you know the point of this film and I am pretty sure it is considered as one of the scariest films ever. The story begins when a family moved to a new home where they find it nothing’s wrong in the first though their dog refused to enter a home. Carolyn and Roger Perron along with their five daughters then find out their dog died the next day which leads them into some mysterious things that related to their new home.

The film comes with some scary scenes and if you are such a type of person who is not into a horror film, it would be better for you to save yourself because you will absolutely not be able to sleep for days. You can watch the film yourself and see the ending.