Uber Family, New Features Share Taxi Fare

An online transport service provider based online, Uber comes with its new feature, Uber Family. This feature is intended to facilitate consumers in the process of paying the Uber fare. Because, with Uber Family feature, one can pay the cost of family fare or their colleague with a credit card. How to use it, the primary user with the same account as before chooses the Uber Family feature. Then there are selected a maximum of ten families or their colleagues who become dependents for the bill. The selection can be based on phone contacts registered on the user’s mobile phone, which is of course registered as Uber user. More news you can read in berita tangsel!

After registering ten people, then they can use the app for ordering as usual and bills will be requested on Uber Family main users. The idea of ??the ‘Uber Family’ feature arises when a teenage passenger or a minor who is dependent on the family must pay independently using the card. So, for easy, then released the new features. In addition, the feature will also facilitate the bosses who bear the employee accommodation when they are told overtime and so forth.