The Use of Red Fruits from Papua

Red fruit is a fruit only found in Papua and new guenia manfaat buah merah. The red fruit which has the Latin name Pandanus conoideus Lamk, which is one of the plants of the genus Pandanus is a plant endemic to Papua and Papua New Guinea.

This red fruit plant is said to have many benefits or manfaat buah merah. It contains up to 12 cultivars and is widespread in areas with an altitude of up to 2,300 above sea level, such as Baliem Wamena, and other remote areas in Papua such as Arfak, Jayapura and Bintang mountains. The main potential of red fruit In Papua is traditionally used as a source of vegetable oil (carotenoid oil) by people living in mountainous and coastal areas. Red fruit oil is also used as a staple food for Papuan people, such as sago and sweet potatoes. Red fruit contains high enough fat, which is 35% per dry weight. The fatty acid content is the same as the fatty acid content of cooking oil in general. Thus, red fruit also has the potential as a source of vegetable oils other than coconut and oil palm.