It’s Difference Breast Results Operation With Original Breast

Quite a few women who want a larger breast size so choose to perform breast implant surgery. Indeed, this operation can make the breasts look more contained so that makes the appearance becomes sexier. Unfortunately, breast surgery results still have differences when compared with the original breast. What are the differences? According to doctors breast augmentation in Seattle, native female breasts usually have a distance of 5 to 7 cm. This is very different from the distance between the breast that has been operated which tend to decrease. The presence of implants in the breast turned out to make the distance between these breasts to be closer so it does not look natural.

Unlike the original breasts that tend to follow the force of gravity, breast surgery results tend to be too up or look very uplifted. This is caused by the implant inserted in the area around the armpits. Breast surgery results will be similar to the breasts supported by a push-up bra. The difference is, when the bra is released, the original breast will tend to go down, but breast surgery results are still raised. Native breasts that have large size tend to be larger at the bottom. This is very different from breast surgery results that tend to be large and perfectly rounded. If we analogy, the original breast will be shaped like a pear, then the breast will be shaped like a melon.